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Bear Tracks (Memorial Day Edition) - Jason Dudley

posted May 27, 2013, 7:23 PM by Tahoma Football   [ updated May 27, 2013, 7:24 PM ]

In our weekly "Bear Tracks" feature, we catch up with a Tahoma Football alumnus and find out what they are doing after graduation. Bear Tracks will return after Spring Football. 

Jason Dudley, Class of 2009

When players finish their last year in our program, our goal is always that they have learned more than just how to run certain plays or how to tackle. We want Tahoma football alumni to be prepared for life after high school, and we want them to be prepared to make a difference in the world. Over the years, we have focused more and more on teaching student-athletes to accept responsibility, lead courageously, and enact justice on behalf of others.

Jason Dudley lives those lessons every day. A 2009 graduate, Dudley was an outside linebacker and long-snapper for Tahoma and also wrestled for the Bears. As his high school career ended, he enlisted in the United States Army to become a medic. After finishing his medical training, he was quickly deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He soon realized that, while school didn’t prepare him for the all of the things he would see, his Tahoma education did teach him skills and habits that helped him in the military. “The crazy homework schedules that teachers give out and the ‘no excuses’ mentality that most teachers take helped prepare me for going out into the world and being expected to act like an adult right out of high school.”

Dudley also noticed a connection between his military experience and the lessons he took away from playing football, as well. “Some of the big things that Coach Davis always told us were to finish what you start and don’t ever give up before you get the job done.”

Needless to say, these are lessons Dudley continues to apply today. He is currently deployed in Honduras, where he serves as flight medic with an aviation unit. His unit performs humanitarian missions and provide medical care for surrounding countries in Central America, all in addition to participating in counter-narcotic operations.

Despite his busy life in a foreign country, Dudley hasn’t forgotten his time as a Bear. “Just enjoy it while you can,” he suggests, “and give everything you have so that when you look back on it you have no regrets.”

As we at home celebrate Memorial Day and prepare to take the first snaps of spring football, take these lessons to heart: give everything, no excuses, and finish. They are lessons that soldiers like Jason utilize on a daily basis.

And, as always, let’s show our gratitude for the service and sacrifice of all the men and women around the world like Jason, who protect our freedoms so we can play this game we all love. To all the Bears who have served and continue to serve: thank you.

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