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Great Message I Read a Couple of Days Ago

posted Feb 22, 2013, 9:13 PM by Tony Davis
Relentless is a word I use to describe people who will not take no for an answer! They try things one way, and if that doesn't work they try it another way. But they don't give up. If you are about to break beneath the stress of intense struggles - be relentless! Do not quit!
A terrible thing happens to people who give up too easily. It's called regret. It's the nagging, knawing feeling that says, "If I had tried harder, I would have succeeded." Granted, we all experience some degree of failure. That's how we learn to grow. The problem isn't failure; it's when we fail and question if it was our lack of committment that allowed us to forfeit an opportunity to turn the test into triumph! We can never be sure of the answer unless we rally our talents, muster our courage, and focus our stregnth to achieve a goal. If we don't have the passion to be relentless, then we should leave it alone.
T.D. Jakes