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Hard Work

posted Jul 12, 2013, 5:51 PM by Tony Davis
Do more than is required. What's distance between someone who achieves their goals and those who merely follow? The extra mile!

Watching the kids work out this morning got me fired up for UPS camp and the upcoming season. Each of them pushed themselves further than they thought they could go, laying another brick on the foundation for a great season. I hope I don't leave anyone off the list...Kevin Clark, Taylor Henry, Nick and Anthony Palandri, Elijah Suka, Joe Donahue, Blake Donohue, Brandon Gormley, Alex Jeric, Zach White, Jordan White, Tanner Alvarez, Chance Riggs, and Patrick Stuefloten. 

I've been impressed with all of the kids who are getting their work in at the different options they have available to them. Keep up the good work. 

When you raise your expectations to heights unimagined, your life will rise to unimagined heights.