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Holiday Season

posted Dec 30, 2013, 8:08 PM by Tony Davis
A few holiday stories:

Dennis Maxon
Thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis Maxon's family. We lost Dennis last week. His competitiveness, toughness, and love of a good time are memories of Dennis I will keep in my heart. Dennis was our Wishbone FB on the 1995 league champion and state playoff team. He was also the 1996 State Champion at 148 pounds. Yes, that's right he was a 150 pound FB and Outside LB. We miss you.

Congratulations Seahawks - NFC Champs
Had a chance to get to the Seahawks game yesterday against the Rams. The Hawks defense is outstanding - physical and they play with great energy. The 12th man was going strong - should make for a tough place for playoff opponents to visit. 
Lunchtime Leadership Meetings
We will begin lunch time meetings in January focused around leadership. The meetings are voluntary and will be in the counseling conference room. We will meet on the first Gold Day lunch of the week on the following schedule. 
First Lunch - first week of the month 
Second Lunch - second week of the month
Third Lunch - third week of the month

On your meeting day, grab your lunch and come to the counseling conference room for the meetings. Your friends from other sports are welcome to join us.