2019 Off-Season Program

Parents and Players:

The entire Tahoma Football Staff is motivated to create positive changes for 2019 to improve the performance of our players both on and off the field.  The staff mission is to focus on the development of TEAM by providing an environment that develops STRONG, HARD WORKING athletes that are COMMITTED to each other.  This is vital for Tahoma Football to compete at a high level. 

At Tahoma we the have opportunity to work with James Laurence at Legerity Sports Performance in Covington, WA. He is an expert at helping young athletes develop and maximize their potential.  We have current and past athletes that have benefited from working at Legerity. This opportunity incorporates the use state of the art facilities at Legerity as well as Tahoma High School. 

To make the improvements needed for success this fall, the staff and Legerity have created a plan that consists of four workouts a week. This program will focus on Speed, Movement, Power, Stability and Flexibility through strong work ethic and attention to detail.  This does not come without a cost.  Individual training is a premium expense, but we will be working with a minimum of 20 players, so the team has been given a tremendous price reduction listed below. 

4 workouts a week – 16 total workouts a month – plus workout shirt and shorts

$155.00 per month for a minimum of 20 athletes from January through May

We believe in our kids being multi-sport athletes. Athletes in a winter or spring sports can jump in after their season is complete.

Workout days are *Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and *Friday from 3pm to 4:30pm (* Legerity facilities)

The players will need to carpool to Legerity facilities on Monday & Friday.

We want your family to understand the plan and have the opportunity to answer questions to help make the decision to enroll. We need a minimum of 20 players to participate. The Tahoma staff believes this is the best option for our coaches and players.  We want a consistent and challenging program that will maximize our time and resources.  The players will be able to grow as they work together to get bigger, faster, stronger and more importantly develop a TEAM approach that is needed to be successful in football.

The Tahoma staff and Legerity are committed to the success of our athletes both on and off the field. Feel free to reach out to Coach Norris, We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you and your family.

Registration information/payment form and Legerity waiver forms are below. Email Coach Norris ASAP if you enroll in the program to track who’s registered and to ensure we meet our minimum registration of 20 players. The entire team will meet after school on January 7th to review the schedule and team expectations, and then trainings will begin on January 8th.


Tony Davis

Tahoma High School

AD/Head Football Coach


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