Tahoma Football "Becoming a Man" Character Development Program

Angry faceToday's culture promotes a masculinity that idolizes physical, sexual and economic dominance. Tahoma Football seeks to counter those defeating and degrading messages sent to our youth by modeling a different view of manhood--one based on love, relationships, respect for self and others, living for a cause bigger than yourself, and other core concepts gleaned from the book, Season of Life. Through coach and player-led discussions and activities Tahoma Football Players learn more than just how to block and tackle, but how to be men of character and substance. As coaches and players discuss different elements of the book, we touch on the seven different elements of masculinity the author discusses - false masculinity, relationships that make a real man, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, empathy, enacting justice on behalf of others, and working for a transcendent cause. These different concepts all connect to the experiences on the field, in the classroom, and in other aspects of life as a high schooler and as a man.
If you would like to read the book, you can support the Tahoma Football at the same time! Amazon will give our program a percentage of the purchase price when you buy through this link.