Team Building

Team Building Competition Monthly Winners

Dec Winning Squad - Black Squad (Max R., Matt F., Garrett S., Nicholas D., Leopold M., Aiden M., Malique N., Coy S., James W.) - 79 pts
Dec Top Performers - Gabe K. (38 pts), Garrett S. (28 pts), and Kamryn B. (27 pts)

Jan Winning Squad - Chicken Pot Pie (Kamryn B., Artur H., Austin C., Jordan S., Michael A., Max P., Trey K., Will H., Marshall J., Owen F.) - 51 pts
Jan Top Performers - Gabe K. (19 pts), Kamryn B. (15 pts), and Reid M. (14 pts)

Team Building Competition - Scoring Guidelines

Each Month Points will be Assigned to each team based on:

Off-Season Weight Room Attendance:       1 pt   / player / session
Participation in a THS Fall or Winter Sport:  Prst          5 pts / player                 [no points will be awarded if player is ineligible at any point during that month]
Community Service Activity:                        5 pts / player / activity  
Participation in Monthly Family Night:         5 pts / player

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